Orofluido=Soft silky hair

February 16, 2011

We at Salon Bleu have all bought, sold, used, tried, and spilled almost all of the different hair oils on the market.  I’m really enjoying the Orofluido from Spain.  This product has a slight smell of vanilla.  I use a paper thin amount of the Orofluido while hair is towel dried, use it by itself or cocktail it with another styling product.  Orofluido has no hold, but does not weight hair down.  The brush glides through the hair effortlessly.  I end the style with about the same paper thin amount for a finishing product.  This is a great product to have if your traveling and have no desire to lug that blow dryer with you. Just let it air dry in your hair and it will tame that frizzy hair.  Perfect for a beach destination.  Buy it now or stop in.  We carry two sizes, travel size for $5 bucks (in shop only) or mega size for $25.

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