low maintenance hair coloring with underlighting

March 29, 2012

Low Maintenance Hair coloring with underlighting

by Nicole Sayer

Hairstylist/Makeup artist

Underlighting is a great way to add color to your hair with very little maintenance and with very little commitment.  You can add depth and dimension to your hair by using color under the crown of your hair. This way there is virtually no regrowth and requires little to no maintenance until you are ready to change to your next style. This look can be created on any length color and cut of hair. With summer just around the bend, this is a great way lighten the hair without fully committing to highlights.

During my consultation with Bethany, she told me that she wanted more layers and a few natural looking highlights put in her hair,  but that she didn’t want to come in every six weeks to get her roots done. We were making small talk….when all of a sudden she said the two most glorious words in a hairstylists dictionary…….blah blah blah…….”VIRGIN  HAIR.”   I felt like a kid in a candy shop, a girl about to get her first kiss, an night under a Italian moon with a vintage wine. Oh the places we could go and the things we could do with her hair.  But alas,…the clouds parted and then it came to me like a gift from God, UNDERLIGHTING!  I said to myself, “Yes Nicole, that’s it, pure brilliance!”  Nothing gets the creative juices flowing in a hairstylists mind like hearing the words, “Virgin Hair.”  I knew I could create the desired look and achieve all of the criteria she asked for, while giving her beautiful radiant hair. She started with naturally dark hair that was healthy, shiny and beautiful but just lacked dimension. With under lighting we could give her the desired dimension that her hair lacked, while still maintaining that brilliant shine.

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I went back to mix the color and I could hardly contain my excitement, I rejoiced to the heavens and to my co-stylists and took some deep breaths to bring myself back down to the earthly realms. Upon my new found clarity, I decided to use 2 different colors, one that would result in a medium rich brown and the other a more carmel blond. I used a random foil pattern to create the natural look and alternated my colors. Under the dryer she went and 40 minutes later, Voila we had beautiful color. As we discussed in the consultation I decided to cut layers into her hair that would accentuate the color that we just did. The result was gorgeous multi dimensional hair with lots of depth. I also decided to add curls to her hair to finish off her perfectly cut and colored hair because curls are the perfect way to show off dimension. Curls grab color and follow the curl pattern down the hair shaft and show off multiple colors effortlessly. After all was said and done Bethany was so excited to have a new style that worked with her lifestyle. I thought to my genius self, “man she looks good!”  I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome and felt that we were able to richen and soften her all over look. And the best compliment of all in Bethany’s own words, “I LOVE IT!!!”