My Reality Wedding Hair

April 4, 2012

My Reality Wedding Hair


Tiara Rupp

Stylist/Make-up artist/reality show star

So I was minding my own business one day and got a phone call from the owner of my salon with an intriguing question.  She had been contacted by the producers of a new TV reality show for the Style Network called “Momster of the Bride.” They found us through our website and were impressed by how great Salon Bleu looked.  The idea behind the show was that a girl was being tormented in her wedding plans by an overbearing mother.  The Style Network wanted to know if we’d like to participate.  So when I got that call from the owner with the exciting question of “would you like to do the bride’s hair for this show?” you can bet that my answer was “heck yes!!”

At my consultation appointment with the bride, I  was informed that the producers had thought of a humorous, although mean, prank to pull on this pushy mother. As a very long haired girl, this bride had decided on an up-do hairstyle for her special day. Her mother, however, was dead-set on a “curled and down” hairdo.  Her mom was so overbearing that this sweet girl hadn’t even cut her hair for years!  After hearing all the details, I was totally in for this prank. I attached some extensions to the bride’s hair and as the “momster” walked around the corner of the salon, I hacked into the extensions, cutting about 12 inches off the length.

Well, to no ones surprise, the “momster” started freaking out! Tears came streaming down, cuss words were flying, evil eyes cut into me, and I was unsure of what she may do!  So before it went too far but not before the filming crew had a chance to catch this all on camera, we let her in on our prank. I am not exaggerating when I say that mother was going to end up smacking one of us, so we had to calm her down and show her the extensions. This prank couldn’t have happened any better, it was hilarious!

We continued filming for a few hours and finished the trial. By the time we were done, the bride’s hair looked beautiful in the up-do style.

On her wedding day, I styled her hair as I had on our trial day. The result was exquisite; sexy and elegant. Momster, however, did slip in her opinion that she still desired a “down style,” even on the wedding day but I was going to do what the bride wanted, of course.

When I saw the episode air on the Style Network it was amazing to see my work on TV!  I’ll never forget my fifteen minutes of fame.  Actually I was on the show for about two minutes after two, eight hour days of filming. This was a super fun experience but after seeing myself on TV, I think I’ll stick to my first love, doing great hair at Salon Bleu. But never say never!


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